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Ralph Waldo Emerson

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I had been skeptical of essential oils for many years! I honestly thought it was all voodoo!  But when I had my first child, things changed. My world opened up to so much more as I was now responsible for this little person. We wanted a safe and sustainable environment for our kids to live in. So we started using essential oils to make our own cleaning supplies and next we started diffusing them.  Once we were comfortable we started to use essential oils topically, aromatically and even orally to support our wellness. 


These gifts of the earth support our respiratory, immune, cardiovascular, brain function, and emotional needs.  After multiple applications we started having these amazing experiences with the oils!  My husband and I would look at each other in disbelief and say," Well it must be the oils?"   After these Ah-Ha moments, we decided to implement dōTERRA essential oils into every aspect of our daily routines and have not looked back since!  We have successfully eliminated toxins from our home, our bodies and created an environment of health and wellness .  These little bottles  can be added to your wellness toolbox; , they support our diet, exercise, and lifestyle. We couldn't be more grateful for dōTERRA!

You can make the leap TODAY and join our oil community - Widespread Oil Wellness (WōW)!  We are growing everyday and provide continuing education, recipes, tips, and tons of content and challenges to support your healthy lifestyle. 

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"Essential oils changed my way of looking at healthcare.  By connecting with my body and learning to listen, I have become more self-aware.  No longer do we need to rush to the DR. every time we have a cough or sniffle.  My family is empowered to listen and then turn to natural solutions to support our systems. "  

Darla Lee

I went back to the Doctor and he said whatever you're doing just keep doing it!

Nathan Good

International Markets