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Ralph Waldo Emerson

Herbs For Your Health

What do you first think of when you hear Herbal Medicine?  Many times we think of  some crazy lady plucking dandelions from their yard or using lavender to help with sleep.  But in reality humans have long found uses for plants to support our bodies!  Plants had been used for medicinal purposes long before recorded history. It has had a long tradition of use outside of allopathic or conventional medicine.  Herbal medicine is also called phytomedicine or botanical medicine . It is refers to using a plant's leaves, flowers, seeds, berries, roots, or even the bark for medicinal intentions.  Natural solutions are becoming more mainstream as improvements in analysis and quality control along with advances in clinical research show the value of herbal medicine in the treating and preventing disease.

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In my clinical practice, I use the ancient Greek system of energetics (hot/cold/damp/dry), indicators and tissue state patterns, to identify treatment strategies and herbs. I find knowledge from various revered herbalist; such as Michael Moore, Matthew Wood,

Aviva Romm, Rosemary Gladstar, Christopher Hobbs and Susan Weed.

Where ever possible I use  locally grown or sustainably wildcrafted herbs in all my formulas.  

Schedule a FREE 30 minute consult with me to discuss your health concerns! 

  • Exercise

  • Diet/ Nutrition

  • Rest/Stress Management

  • Reduce Toxins in your body & your home!

  • Proactive Self Care

Connecting with a clinical herbalist is an empowering way to improve your wellness journey and receive guidance and support.  A 90 minute Intake consultation is recommended for all new clients. This initial session includes a look at your total health history and future goals. A complete review of symptom patterns, lifestyle, nutrition, and emotional/mental/spiritual health patterns will be explored. 

Custom Formulations can be made for a donation. This blend may be a tea, tincture, powder, essential oil blend, or salve made from 100% organic ingredients. Your formula may be picked up or we can ship them to you. We can also prepare a recipe of the formulation and you can make it up yourself or with the help of a local herbal store!

On most occasions, we recommend a follow-up consultation no more than two-weeks after you begin taking your herbal formula(s). The follow up consultation will allow you to check in regarding your progress and will give you an opportunity to reflect on your healing journey. 

The number of follow up visits will vary depending on your individual health goals. For general wellness, two to three follow up visits are recommended. For chronic or more complicated health concerns, more follow up visits may be necessary. ​