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Ralph Waldo Emerson

For My Friends

March 27, 2018


Listen friends, I love you. And that’s why I’m constantly trying to educate you about natural solutions! It’s really hard to listen as friends complain about cold/flu going around and how they are willing to try anything to boost their immune system, except natural solutions. So let me get this straight...

You don’t have a problem pumping your children full of Motrin or Tylenol- the number one cause of liver failure?

You don’t have a problem downing chemical crap storms like NyQuil, Mucinex, or any other synthetic syrup that only masks your symptoms while doing absolutely nothing to support your immune system?

Your totally fine stopping for fast food or pumping a bunch of processed food into your family’s diet even though we all know how much sugar and fake food is actually in that crap!

But you do have a problem with essential oils and herbs that have been safely and effectively used to boost immune function for thousands of years with little to no side effects at all? Mind blown!

Please help me to understand this mainstream madness? Why are peeps so afraid of wholesome food, natural products filled with plant medicine and the feeling of empowerment that comes with caring for your family on your terms?

(Adapted from a friends original post!)😜

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