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Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Value of Daily Use

April 5, 2018

Dr. David K. Hill, D.C. - Founding Executive, Chief Medical Officer / Chairman, Scientific Advisory Committee


The use of essential oils is rewarding and provides many opportunities to appropriately manage individual health. One can either treat specific health symptoms or act through a model of prevention. Effectively using essential oils may provide profound benefits for either scenario. One obvious advantage of essential oil application for wellness is personalization of usage based on individual inclination, health concerns, and even sensitivities. While there may be considerable variance in usage preference, there is general acceptance that using the oils consistently is important to achieving the desired outcomes.

Using a variety of essential oils on a regular basis could be more significant than focusing on oil selection or specific application methods. Routine and deliberate application of essential oils can often increase and even sustain health benefits. Routine exposure can be achieved through aromatic, topical, and internal consumption based on the individual needs and level of expertise.

There are some who express concern over consistent use of essential oils. Although mechanisms of biological action are not completely understood, specific health benefits have been well demonstrated in both clinical and anecdotal environments. There are many scientific reviews and studies that verify that appropriate doses of essential oils are safe and efficacious. Developing a personal understanding of individual tolerance, practicing consistency, and using methods that work best for you will increase the likelihood of achieving successful results.

The following guidelines will help determine how to implement doTERRA essential oils into a daily model of consistency based on an individual’s unique health and lifestyle circumstances.

1. Quality

To prevent sensitivities, it is important to use only pure essential oils, such as essential oils that have the doTERRA CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® quality standard. Using altered essential oils dramatically increases the likelihood that a sensitivity or inappropriate response will develop. 

2. Chemistry

The chemical structure and reactivity of some essential oil elements makes them more potent than others. Phenols and aldehydes are especially strong. Diluting oils that contain a high proportion of these types of elements or using a lower dose is an excellent way to ensure safe application. 

3. Variety

A unique feature of essential oils is that they share many of the same benefits. There is safety and increased benefit from variety, which is one of the foundational principles of health. Try introducing a wide variety of oils into your personal usage protocol rather than focusing on just one or two main oils. 

4. Amount

A common misconception is to assume that more is always better. While this may be true in some instances, it is not true with essential oils. They are highly concentrated and very potent, so a small dose is all that is needed to achieve powerful benefits. It is best to use smaller amounts of oil and apply more frequently.

5. Dilution

There are many benefits to diluting essential oils, including slowing the rate of absorption to prevent sensitivities and increasing the surface area of absorption. I generally recommend a dilution ratio of one drop of essential oil to three drops of carrier oil. This ratio can be altered depending on the chemistry of the oil and the preferences or sensitivities of the user.

6. Personal Consideration

Certain individuals, such as young children and the elderly, require special precautions when using essential oils because their skin is typically more sensitive. Appropriate dilution modifications or essential oil substitutions should be made to cater to their individual needs. 


doTERRA essential oils are highly concentrated and very potent, so a small dose is all that is needed to achieve powerful benefits.


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