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Ralph Waldo Emerson

GROW with us.

Are you a wellness coach, expert or healthy-living-lover?

Would you love to be a part of a global wellness biz family?
Are you interested in adding a product partner to your biz?

The Happy Collective is expanding globally


4 years ago I moved past my nervousness and fear of teaching my first ever wellness workshop. The topic? doTERRA Essential Oils.

I’d never done anything like it before. I didn’t have any industry experience (except for years managing a wellness brand). I’d never partnered with a company to sell a product. I’d never been an Educator. As a Mum I’ve always just been so mindful of anything I talk about or recommend; and the only products I felt comfortable recommending to other Mums was the ones I was using from doTERRA.

You know that heart + gut feeling you get when something just feels “right”?

Today, I have successfully created a 7 figure global wellness career by partnering with doTERRA. And while so much has evolved over the years (my systems, strategies and reason for continuing to share these oils), the truth I felt in my heart four years ago is the same truth I hold today…..EVERYONE NEEDS THESE OILS.

Everyone needs these oils.


doTERRA has been around for 10 years now and, in that time, has created such noticeable and empowering waves in the healthcare industry, this is why:

  1. The products work, the quality, testing and research is unparalleled, they’re cost effective for people to use daily, and they can be used 99 different ways each day (meaning, highly consumable). Because of this doTERRA has an incredible 70% retention rate out of the 5 million customers worldwide.

  2. The compensation plan is built to support lifelong residual income. This is by no means a ‘get rich quick’ setup, but rather, a way to build real financial security and abundance.

Talking of money….

In this world, there are three pretty standard ways we make money:

1. Earned income: exchanging your time for money (and time is our most valuable asset, especially when you have a growing family!).

2. Investment income: having a portfolio where your money is invested in stocks, bonds, funds etc.

3. Passive/residual income: network marketing, or selling online products such as eBooks, online programs.

(Or you could try to win the lottery/have a rich uncle called Bob?)


But in our abundant doTERRA world, there are 5 ways you’ll earn money (And none of them involve a 9-5 job, a long commute or a boss...)

The model of your doTERRA biz is simple: you succeed the more you help others succeed.

By now, there are two questions you’ll want to ask yourself:

1. If you do nothing differently, would you be happy five years from now, being in the same spot you are today? (I don’t say this to stress you out! It’s more to help you open up to see the possibilities that lie before you today… with the support of our incredible community, and these beautiful oils we’re so lucky to work with every day.)

2. Does your current income stream have a cap? (Because with doTERRA, there’s no glass ceiling, no income cap, and no limits to how much income you can create).

If your answers lead you to the decision (or the heart + gut feeling) that it’s time for things to change, I’d love to welcome you into my team today. Click the link below to buy your doTERRA Starter Kit of oils (I recommend the Home Essentials Kit) and I’ll send you an email in 24 hours with the steps to get started.

*if you were sent here by someone that wasn’t me (Alice), then send them an email saying you’re ready to begin so they can send you their link + their doTERRA ID# for you to get started with them and our team. If you came here to find me (Alice), click below to buy our kit and get started.



And then there’s us…..

The Happy Collective


When you enrol with me or a wellness advocate on The Happy Collective team, you’re not only supported by the person you enrolled with, you’re also supported on a larger level through our team… and we have an incredibly valuable system of support waiting for you.

Many women start using the oils without a plan to build the business side, but then, just like that *snaps fingers*, they fall in love with these incredibly powerful, healing oils, and they can’t help but want to share them with others.


And just by doing that—by sharing something they love and adore, something that lifts their mood, their vibe, and their health—they are building a dreamy business by serving others.


We’ve experienced some incredibly awesome growth on our team, and I attribute that to the quality of people we attract, and the support (and rock-solid business game plans) in place to help you take your business—and your income—to the next level.


When you get started with us, we want to set you up for the greatest success. We want you to use the oils in a way that elevates your life (and your family’s), and we want to help build your product knowledge, and your understand of what sets doTERRA apart.


Joining The Happy Collective is right for you if:

  • You’re ready to be a part of something bigger; the ‘cubicle’ life is so 1950s, or wait, is that the housewife life? Either way, you’re here for something bigger; you can feel it in your bones, and you can see it on your horizon. This is your time, and you are ready.

  • You’re tired of feeling like you constantly have to choose between the things you love; you want a lifestyle you love and money in the bank, time spent at home with your family and fulfilment doing work you love, feeling supported by others and supporting others. Lady, this is just the start—and just a taste!—of what’s to come.

  • You’re ready for growth! I don’t take the opportunities this business offers for granted, and the women on my team experience incredible growth in their businesses. If that sounds like something that resonates with you, joining my team is for you.

  • You have a high level of self-responsibility; you’re not only willing to sit down and do the work, but you’re craving it. Everything in your body is saying ‘It’s action time.’ Once you’ve heard that call, there’s no turning back.

  • You work well on your own and in a team; you get as excited about helping others achieve their goals as you do about achieving your own.

  • You believe in balance (green juice + coffee, reading + Grey’s Anatomy (or is that just me!?) + kale chips + champage … you get my point!) and you believe in treating your body with the best natural products our precious earth has to offer.

  • You want to be a part of a movement that’s educating and empowering others. You don’t want to get by doing the bare minimum. You want to show up and make a positive impact in the world, and joining my team gives you a head start on that.


“Alice sets an amazing example for her tribe of women building a business to create a life they desire for their families. She is an amazing mentor and role model.
Her passion and drive are infectious and she has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with her team.

Alice is a woman with a vision and is empowering others to do more be more and to play bigger.

She is an inspirational leader and I would not be where I am in my
business without her support, guidance and encouragement along the way.
It’s true what they say that when women support each other, amazing things happen and this is exactly how I feel about Alice and the Happy Collective Tribe.”

— Sarah Poppy Platinum doTERRA Educator | The Happy Collective Tribe

Joining The Happy Collective will support you in:

  • Defining success as: happiness, leadership, personal growth and a strong, supportive life vision, one that is in alignment with who you are, and with your values.

  • Expressing yourself creatively. (Those doodles in your day planner are beautiful—Picasso would be proud—but isn’t it time you expanded what’s possible for you?)

  • Providing healing, natural and empowering solutions for those you love, whether it’s to help calm their anxiety, improve their mood, deepen their sleep, sharpen their focus, flavour their food, clean their homes, improve their skin health or more (so much more), you’ll have the solution at your fingertips. (And probably in your handbag too, because we have these cute little roll-on bottles that you’ll seriously never leave home without!).

  • Creating financial freedom (and not in the buzz-word kind of way; in a real, deeply supportive way that invites in a sense of peace, so when you look at your bank account, you feel the most incredible sense of gratitude that you said yes this opportunity.

  • And on that note, when you join my team, you’ll be walking away from the old ‘time for money’ thing. There’s more to life that counting your cash by how many hours you’ve worked; plus, if you’re doing that, you’re spending less time with your family/at the beach/writing that book you’ve always wanted to write/shopping at the farmer’s markets. I’d love to show you how else you can make money (with more ease, and less hustle).

  • Weaving more excitement, passion and joy into business, so that your work lights you up.

  • Creating more freedom and flexibility in your life; you get to control your schedule, and use your time in a way that suits you most… helping you to show up as the best version of yourself for your family, and be a glowing example to others of what’s possible.

  • Becoming part of a team that is there for you from day dot. You’ll feel connected to other women, supported by other women, and lifted up by other women. What could be better? (And don’t say ‘peanut butter’.)

If you want to be surrounded and supported by a team of women who are already nailing it (and who want to lift you up too), then joining my doTERRA team is for you.

I’d be honoured to take you through a snapshot of what joining The Happy Collective could mean for you.

Book a call with me below and bring with you any fears, questions, ideas you would love to chat through about joining our Happy Collective fam.

And if you want to fast track the process, buy your doTERRA Starter Kit of oils now by clicking the button below and following the steps (I recommend starting with the Home Essentials Kit).




Not only are there thousands of ways to use these beautiful oils in your life, but the business side had me excited from day one, because I saw the possibilities for not only my family, but for others as well.

Let me take you through this:

“Alice’s confidence and internal drive is infectious. She genuinely wants the best from everyone in her tribe and has a thoughtful yet effective way of identifying your capabilities and what is required to move forward in your business. Alice’s support, encouragement, knowledge and vibe has been invaluable to Coco Motion Mumma.

— Karlie Cunningham: Founder + Health Strategist, Platinum doTERRA Educator

When you join The Happy Collective, you’ll receive:

  • A 30min 1:1 welcome call and membership overview with me valued at $150.

  • The High Vibe Life with Essential Oils eBook (packed with incredible essential oil recipes for just about everything, from pimped up smoothies to DIY natural all-purpose spray. Valued at $29.

  • Regular 1:1 mentoring within your first 90-days, then monthly ongoing mentoring check-ins depending on your biz goals and desired level of growth. Valued at $1,000.

  • Complete in-depth online self-study programs for your Oils and Launching Your Business, so you can educate yourself in this business in your own time (BYO coffee). Valued at $1120.

  • Online and in-person opportunities to connect with our beautiful tribe coffee and biz training sessions. (Priceless!)

  • An eBook to share with your customers in their first month of using the oils. Valued at $49

  • Done-for-you systems and educational materials, including a 2 week virtual Oil Camp for all new customers that join your tribe + our signature GROW with The Happy Collective program which runs twice a year (This is huge! It’s high-level support and education, and adds so much value to not only your experience, but to the experience of your future customers; they’ll love you for it!) Valued at $750.

The total value of joining my team is well over $2,500 and it’s all included; free of charge and packed with love when you purchase your doTERRA Starter Kit through me.

The investment

1) You choose your doTERRA essential oils starter kit ( I recommend the Home Essentials Kit for $330)

2) To earn commission with doTERRA, you just order your monthly doTERRA Wellness Box each month for your personal use. The order needs to be a minimum of 100pv (pv = points value) which is roughly $150-$200 in dollar value. This is your only business investment and remains the same no matter how much income you earn (yep. Amazing).

You can cancel your monthly order at any time (you're not locked into anything) and when you mentor with me, my first goal is to show you exactly how to cover your monthly business investment so that receiving your monthly oils is even more pleasurable. (And then our next goal together is to help you start earning even more than that, depending on your business activity, goals and pace).

And if you purely want to be a customer, there are no minimum order requirements.


Take your next step below, sister.

I can’t wait to welcome you into The Happy Collective!

Alice xox

doTERRA Presidential Diamond + Founder of The Happy Collective


Enrollment is now open.

Connect directly with the person from The Happy Collective who sent you here. You’ll need their enroller ID number to get started with them + be apart of The Happy Collective. If you were sent here by me (Alice), click the link below to buy your first doTERRA Kit.