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Will you open the door?

Welcome! I'm Sarah Holden and I am so glad you are here! ​

We have most likely met somewhere along your wellness journey or you have stumbled upon my site here on the interwebs.  Maybe you put something out into the Universe.....hoping to find guidance for overall wellness journey!  You are here because you are tired of being tired.  I was right there with you, but I found my light, my true north and followed my passion of whole health into the abyss.

I created this platform and practice to help create natural solutions for you.  A place to open the door into natural options that can support your body and mind!  Think of your body as your homestead.  How can you prepare, plant, and grow in your own self, both mind and body.  Through my experience as a plant science specialist, botanist and now herbalist I hope to offer space for YOU to grow through plant medicine and water. 

In addition to being a Botanist and Certified Herbalist, I am a Wellness Advocate and essential oil educator.  Using the power of plants, I have helped support myself and my family in many ways.  My clients range from having physical, mental, and emotional ailments.  They also range in age!!  I continue to learn and trust in what the earth provides and share this knowledge and wisdom with people all over the world! 

Recently sustainability has been a forefront concern in both my practice, my apothecary and my home.  Looking into how the product needs of myself, my family and my clients effects mother earth.  That is why I choose to affiliate with only reputable, trusted,  businesses that produce safe, natural, and sustainable products in the health and wellness industry.  Look around my site I think you'll be glad you stayed!

I am empowered each day to demonstrate how easy it is to change up your toolbox and make easy and effective health decisions for you.  Let's talk more about how I can best serve YOU and how YOU can choose natural solutions to help make those changes in your homestead.